Monday Maps

Every Monday, I post at least one map to the Paperless History twitter account, Facebook group, and Instagram. When I first started posting these maps back in February 2016, I just chose maps at random. I stopped posting the maps in May, 2016. With the relaunch of the blog in 2018 and its new focus on decolonizing world history, I’m going to try to use maps that highlight non-colonized views of world history. Here is an archive of the original Twitter links.


19 November: Muslim world in 1500 & 1700

12 November: World War I global troop movements

Original Monday Maps from 2016

2 May: U.S. prison population and incarceration rates and U.S. waste

25 April: Politics of Cotton in mid-nineteenth century

18 April: Muslim Agricultural Revolution

11 April: Timur’s Empire

4 April: Population growth in Tang & Song China

28 March: Global oil trade

21 March: Global waste per capita, 2011

14 March: Portuguese and Ottoman Rivalry in the Indian Ocean

7 March: Global spread of tea

29 February: Global spread of coffee

22 February: Afroeurasian trade, c.1600 B.C.E.

15 February: Spanish Empire, c.1600

8 February: AP World Regions